About Us

Create an world class Innovation ecosystem to allow companies collaborate and incubate to create new innovative and disruptive solutions.
What we do
At a high level the Engine Collaboration Centre provides a space to allow companies collaborate to solve business problems. It also provides support to start-ups and entrepreneurs develop their ideas through industry mentoring, knowledge sharing and a co-working space and leveraging the latest emerging technologies and design thinking methods.

Hear what is being said about us

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Les Byrne Asystec

I believe that the digital collaboration centre will give that platform for those companies to create and get introductions to large multinational corporations

Les Byrne, Founder & Managing Director Asystec Ltd.

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Michelle Brassil TroyStudios

It's very important to try and establish links with these companies who are providing such huge technology and try and progress that in the region.

Michelle Brassil, Studio Manager Troy Studios

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Mark Barry Analog

By collaborating together we can come up with new businesses, new platforms together, and that will accelerate the growth not only ADI but also the growth of SMEs which will lead to accelerated growth for those small companies in the region.

Mark Barry, General Manager of Precision Converters, Analog Devices

Our Approach

We implement a Design Thinking User Centric Approach.
The Collaboration Centre will work with organisations to get a better understanding of the problem and challenge being faced. We will find out as much as possible about the challenge, engage and empathizing with end users people to understand their experiences.
We will collect our findings, prioritise them in order to define the real problems identified through a human-centred manner.
Through a collaborative approach the team will begin to generate ideas, thinking outside the box to identify new solutions to the problem statement and look for alternative ways of viewing the problem.
A key deliverable for the Collaboration Centre will include creating prototypes which will include specific features of the product. We will share releases of the protype with end users in an iterative manner and get continuous feedback to help improve and product.
Finally we will test the complete product end to end, refining one or more problems continually to ensure it reflects the end users needs.