Innovate Limerick Live Event

Innovate Limerick Live Event, 9th and 10th of December, Confirm Centre Limerick.

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Innovate Limerick Engine Showcase

Innovate Limerick showcased how collaboration and innovation is helping drive new opportunities and solutions within the region.

We aspire to evolve a Limerick that is liveable, service-driven, smart, and digital, and leads with its reputation as a place to ideate and innovate.

With the rapidly changing worlds of work, education, and personal lives, much of it driven through emerging technologies and digital transformation that’s taking place all around us, there is an appetite to learn, experiment and deliver new smart and digital innovations.

Limerick is rich in talent and hosts many leading areas of expertise and practice – including some of the leading global technology, medical and pharma companies as well as globally significant research and education facilities.

Limerick is focused on communication, with people at the heart of innovation. The city wants to collaborate with and listen to its people. Our focus is on ensuring that we build equity and resilience into the fibre of the city.

This event, the first of what we hope will be a series of similar engagements, brings together just some of the elements of the current and evolving landscape of innovation in Limerick.

The Limerick of our future will be smart and sustainable: in all we do together, we will keep climate action and smart green economic growth in sharp focus We hope you enjoy all the sessions, but also that you see clear opportunities to participate, collaborate and innovate!